[Review] Humminbird 140C Fishin’ Buddy Waterproof Fishfinder

Welcome to our evaluation of theHumminbird 140C Fish Finder.  

Here we will analyze the features and description of Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy 140C, compare both positive and negative reviews from fisherman who use this fish finder, and provide an overall ranking and overall recommendation.

Humminbird 140C Fishfinder Description & Features

Looking for a great, affordable and portable fish finder with a color display and telescoping transducer pole? If so, then the Humminbird 140C Fishin’ Buddy would be a great choice.

All Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy fish finders come with features such as easy mounting (no tranducer mounting necessary) on canoes, kayaks, small-to-medium sized boats, and other structures such as docks and more.  You get 240 feet of down depth, 120 feet side depth, and a built-in water temperature sensor.

So what sets the 140C apart from the other models in this series?

The Fishin’ Buddy 140C is the only model to come equipped with a color display.  It comes equipped with a 320V x 240H pixel 3.5″ color TFT LCD display.  In additional, the 140C features a 24″-40″ telescopic pole for the transducer and both down and side sonar.

  • 240ft Depth Capability
  • 3.5″ Color LCD
  • 256 Color TFT
  • Temperature Included
  • 30 Hours of Operation
  • Telescopic Transducer Pole from 24 inches to 40 inches

Humminbird 140C Fishin’ Buddy Reviews

Reviews of the Fishin’ Buddy fishfinders are very good overall. 


  • I use the Hummingbird 140c on my canoe and it works great. Portable easy to use and with some basic knowledge and understanding of how fish finders are used greatly increases your chance for success on the water.
    — J.B.
  • Great mobile fish finder with side scan. Use it on my float tube, kayak, rental skiffs and even my boat. Accurate and easy to use.
    — E.S.
  • My best bass season yet! This great fish finder performed very well. Depth, tempurature, fish, and structures under the water.  Can’t beat it.
    — B.H.


  • This fishfinder is unsuitable for moving water vessels as if you’re going over 2 knots or so it will come out of the C clamp.
    — T.D.

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