Garmin 400C Waterproof Fishfinder Review

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On this page we will review the Garmin 400C Fishfinder by looking at its description and features and by comparing and contrasting reviews from actual owners.

Garmin 400C Description & Features

The Garmin 400C Fish Finder with Dual Beam Transducer brings together high end performance by use of an easy to use interface making it effortless to uncover fish anywhere you take your boat. Together with all of the performance and features you require in a starting system, along with the option of transducers for several choices based upon your angling conditions, the 400C is really a fantastic entry-level fish finder for anyone who simply desires to g and discover fish.

The Garmin 400C Fish Finder takes advantage of a sharp, super bright, 4-inch, color QVGA 320×240 pixel display. You can effortlessly differentiate bottom depth and fish from structures in the background. This fishfinder includes simple, one-touch navigation via various characteristics by use of control buttons located on the front panel control. It also makes use of UltraScroll for live screen updates.

The 400C also incorporates a back lit key pad for simpler operation after sunset, together with a innovative night mode functionality that offers the best possible legibility in low-light scenarios.

The 400C is created to be effortlessly adjustable to both fresh water as well as saltwater environments, having a option of either dual-beam or dual-frequency transducers. The 400C fishfinder comes ready to go with a 500-watt dual-frequency transducer with narrow beam that can reach to depths of 1,500 feet. You also get a 400-watt dual-beam transducer for fish finding capabilities to as deep as 900 feet.

Garmin 400C Features

  • Adaptable to both freshwater and saltwater conditions, with dual-frequency transducer
  • Ultra-bright, 4-inch, full-color QVGA display with 320 x 240 pixels of resolution
  • UltraScroll updates screen at live-action speeds, while night mode provides low-light readability
  • Built-in CANet connectivity enables sonar data to be shared with other chartplotter displays
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 5.72 x 5 x 2.73 inches (W x H x D)

Garmin 400C Fishfinder Reviews

Owner and customer reviews of the Garmin 400C Fishfinder are very good overall with over 90% of all reviews we’ve found being 4 stars or better (out of 5).

Positive Customer Reviews

These fish finders work fantastic, incredible clearness. Simple to locate menu functions. Screen can be viewed in all light conditions. I additionally like its capability of identifying the size of fish underneath the vessel, it is all fairly detailed.
— G.T..

Have had my 400c for 3 full seasons and spend more than 200 hours trolling and another 100 at cruise and have no complaints. Screen shows great detail, and is easily adjusted for contrast in bright or dark conditions.
— M.C.

It is the simplest sonar i have ever used and once you get to know what type fish species you are looking at
— S.N.

Negative Customer Reviews

We’ve only been able to locate a single negative review of this unit.

The first day, it worked great. The second day, the sonar still worked, but the temperature reading started reporting bizarre results
— R.

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