Garmin echo 550c: New fish finders just amaze me. Just when it seems they can’t possibly get any better, somehow they do.

I guess 30 years ago someone was saying the same thing and I bet in another 30, they’ll still be saying the same thing!

The Garmin echo 550c is a unit that impresses me even though I have a Humminbird 1197ci and a Humminbird 798ci si and a Humminbird 596 HD di (just to name a few ;) ).

I honestly didn’t think the Garmin could do anything that my birds couldn’t do and I was almost right.

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The Garmin 550c fish finder is a color sounder with a dual-beam transducer that allows you to see up to 120 degrees of viewing angle.

What does this mean to the Average Joe angler like myself? It means I get a wider cone on the signal sent out from the unit.

A wider cone means I get to see more fish or other good things under the water! When you see more under the water, you generally catch more!

One feature that I really liked with the Garmin 550c is that it has a Smooth Scale feature.

What this means is that whenever there is a big change in-depth, like a ledge or river channel, I don’t lose the history that was on the screen.

I get to see the whole thing without the screen changing and screwing up my view.

Speaking of viewing history, another feature that simply blew me away was the ability to rewind the history to see what you missed, or didn’t miss! This is so cool!

It’s a feature that I think more and more fishermen will love once they’ve used it and realize how valuable it is.

Garmin 550c – On The Lake Performance

Recently I was watching an episode of the G3 Sportsman where they were catching transitional crappie. The crew was using a Garmin 550c to locate Crappie along ledges and brush piles.

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Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder 

Echo 550c will redefine color sonar scanning for freshwater fishing.
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I was reminded how sensitive these units are when the guy’s 1/16th oz jigs were showing up on the screen.

Are Batteries IncludedNo
Screen Size5 Inches
Display TypeLCD
Item Dimensions LxWxH1.8 x 6 x 5.9 inches
Map TypeFreshwater
Scanner Resolution480 x 640 pixels

Not only that, but you could actually see fish come out of the brush piles and hit the jig. Now that is what a powerful 500-watt modern electronic fish finder can do for you!

When I’m upfront fishing, one thing I don’t like to do is mess with a bunch of buttons to get to see what I want to.

The Garmin echo 550c is very simple to use and user-friendly.

That was one of my main gripes when I had the Humminbird 798 up on the front. I was always bending over to adjust the unit so I could get a better view of something I wanted to see.

Whether you are a techie or not, you’ll love the simplicity and power that the Garmin brings to your boat.

I don’t have any way of proving it, but the graphics and screen on this Garmin seem to be brighter and sharper than on my Humminbird or my buddy’s Lowrance units.

I plan on a future head-to-head review to see if this is actually so, but right now, it just seems to be true.

garmin fish finder review

The 5″, 640v x 480h 256 color screen is just brilliant in the sunlight.

Something I can’t say for other fish finders out there. It’s also easy to see with my fishing glasses on.

That’s another gripe I’ve had about some other brands of fish finders I’ve used.

This was the easiest fishfinder that I had ever installed. Installation was quick and effortless with no hassle.

To say I like this fish finder is an understatement. It won’t be my last Garmin and now I’m looking forward to trying their other fish finders from Garmin.

What Comes With The Garmin echo 550c?

Here’s what will come in the box when you buy a Garmin echo 550c

  • Echo 550c
  • Quick Release Mount with Tilt and Swivel
  • Power Cable
  • Dual-beam 77 kHz/120 degree – 200 kHz/60-degree transducer mounting bracket, hardware, and trolling motor clamp
  • Documentation including User manual and installation instructions

Where To Find The Best Price on a Garmin 550c Fish Finder

I’ve compared the prices at several retailers on the Garmin 550c and none of the local Big Box retailers can touch the prices you can find online.

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Garmin echo 550c Fishfinder 

Echo 550c will redefine color sonar scanning for freshwater fishing.
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In fact, it was a whopping $60 cheaper than BassPro or Cabelas plus the Garmin qualifies for FREE SHIPPING from Amazon!

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