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Welcome to our review of the Garmin Fishinder 140.

Here we will examine the features of the Garmin 140, compare and contrast both positive and negative reviews from actual owners, and give an overall recommendation and rating.

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Garmin Fishfinder 140 Description & Features

Looking for an affordable entry-level fishfinder with good reviews? The Garmin Fishfinder 140 could be the one instrument you’re looking for on your upcoming fishing trips.

The Garmin 140 features 240 pixels on a 4-level display giving significantly better distinction and contrast to help locate the perfect catch. The Garmin 140 also incorporates Ultrascroll which allows for quick screen updates. With user-friendly operation and scaled-down user interface including the ability to change sonar settings without leaving the sonar screen, you will have no problems learning how to use the Garmin and will be finding fish in no time.

Great in shallow water, the Garmin Fishfinder 140 includes a dual-beam transducer, trolling mount, and automatic display rescaling (no more vertical lines!).

Additional unique features of the 140 include power-down backup, 2X and 4X zoom capability, and a depth range of 600 feet.

Product Features

  • Full-Featured Sonar
  • 128 X 240 B&W Display – 4.7inch
  • Maximum Freshwater Performance with Dual Beam Transducer With Selectable Narrow (14 Ft) Or Wide (45 Ft) View
  • Ultrascroll High Rep Rate Sonar
  • High-Dynamic Range,
  • Analog Receiver that Performs in water as shallow as 1 foot
  • Visibility Of More Fish with Autogain Technology

Garmin Fishfinder 140 Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Garmin 140 Fishfinder are excellent overall with almost 90% of all owners rating this fishfinder as 4 stars or better out of 5.  61% rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Positive Customer Reviews

I didn’t expect much for the price I paid, but was pleasantly surprised. The screen is very easy to read, and the automatic features actually work without being fine tuned. Far and away the nicest feature about this unit is the dual beam transducer.
— S.W.

The Garmin 140 is well made; solid case and transducer/battery connector, the membrane buttons have a nice feel to them and the mounts for transducer and screen are good. You can read the screen easily in full sunlight. I’ve had it on the water about 6 times already and had good luck with it.
— B.B.

Very good value for money. Great entry level unit. Does all I need.
— J.S.

Negative Customer Reviews

There are very few negative reviews of the Garmin 140.

I think for the money is OK. Installation was pretty easy, transducer was a little difficult it attach. Only problem so far is all the alarms works but when one sits back in the chair to operate the boat, cannot hear the alarms.
— R.D.

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